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    March 23/3/18
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  • The Sound of The Suburbs

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40 Years of Alternative Music

Established in 1977 The Members are one of Englands Best Loved Bands, Their eclectic Mix of Punk Reggae Surf and Pop and Anthemic Songs including the million selling Sound of the Suburbs and Offshore Banking Business are part of the Great British Alternative Hymn Book. 'The Members were always the thinking punk’s band of choice; angry but intelligent, , a suss reggae sensibility and songs that, like the Jam’s, resonated in the suburbs as well as the city. JC Carroll still leads the band with panache, invention and an uncompromised sense of justice. Honour is due.

- Neil Spencer, The Observer & Uncut
The Members are an essential band that emerged from the musical revolution of the late-1970s, but while they are rightly regarded as punk they have always been beyond labels, their lyrics merging stories of everyday life with a dynamic, maverick style. Born in Camberley on the south-west outskirts of London, The Members’ landscapes and concerns link to those of neighbours The Jam and Sham 69, tap into the rhythms of West London outfits The Ruts and The Lurkers. These five offer a vision of London that is gritty, varied and suburban. Lacking the grand, rundown architecture of post-war inner London, the outer boroughs and satellite towns were for many years mocked by the hippies and art-school posers, and yet the suburbs were the home of punk’s rank and file. These areas had none of the facilities of the central zones, but they did have big young populations, and these tearaways were the ones who filled the football terraces and music venues. Often with family roots in a much older London, they loved the traditional pubs and markets, would travel long distances on tube trains to dip into their own heritage. The Members’ debut album At The Chelsea Nightclub is a gem. There isn’t a duff track on the record. This is the best sort of literature, the lyrics lingering in the brain as they reaffirm experience and feeling. Sound Of The Suburbs, meanwhile, is a classic single that has crossed the generations and remains definitive, even more so today with inner London socially cleansed and the remains of our culture being sold off to the wealthy of the world. One Law connects the dots as its crosses the intervening years. I saw them in the late-’70s and early 1980s, and I have seen the band recently. They are as brilliant live now as they were in the past. The Members are storytellers, deal in incidents seen, dreams and nightmares, the worries of youth and the sadness of old age. They stood up for the suburbs in the Seventies and they are still doing it in 2016. For me, they really are the sound of those suburbs I grew up in and love.
-John King, author of The Football Factory and The Satellite Cycle, a suburban trilogy that includes Human Punk, White Trash and Skinheads..
We are proud our early work Sound of the Suburbs,  Working Girl and to a much more important extent Offshore Banking Business have withstood the test of time and have enabled us to weave a spell that can turn a 60 year old man into a 17 year old Boy. In the 80’s we led a Spinal Tap like existence touring endlessly across north America experiencing the elation of huge shows in New York and Los Angeles to the tragi-comic supporting a fashion show in long island, arriving in Horseheads Elmira to find the venue shut. We hung out with The Ramones and Blondie around the Kidney Shaped pool at the Hollywood motel where Sam Cooke was Shot, We have Partied with Iggy Pop in New York, Tom Petty in the Mid West, talked cars and girls with Bruce Springsteen in Asbury Park, been entertained by Mobsters in New York, Played on A Riverboat in New Orleans. We have travelled 35,000 miles across 50 states of the usa in a Ford econoline with four other guys living on $20 a day, microwave burrittos and show salads.
Highs and Lows

We have played at Midnight in the Land of the Midnight Sun at Spring Break in Daytona Beach, We have been locked in a Dutch immigration prison cell, searched by by former Stasi Police in the snow by the roadside,  fined by highway patrols, refused entry to Canada, threatened by gangsters, intimidated by armed guards, cussed by rednecks, refused service at truck stops, We have been spat at, showered with coins and bottles We have stayed in Plush hotels in Paris and cockroach infested immigrant dives in Southern Texas we are the Members.
During two spells of activity we have been fortunate to play some fantastic shows for great appreciative audiences, I now know that the people who pay to see us all over the world are the stars of our show, we have played in dives and opera houses, we have had tough times and great times, we love our fans for it is them not us who are the

-JC Carroll Guitarist Songwriter and Band Leader





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Meet the Band

JC Carroll
Lead vocals,guitars
Chris Payne
Vocals, bass guitar
Nick Cash


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    The Members get thousands of YouTube plays per month here are some of the classic videos people love to watch.

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  • Little Known facts about The Members,

    “The Sound of the Suburbs” sold 1/4 million records in a few weeks in 1979.
    ”Offshore Banking Business” helped relaunch the Career of Reggae Trombone Legend Rico Rodriguez MBE
    “Solitary Confinement” (the Stiff Single) is a Live favourite.
    ”Working Girl” is their Most Popular Song in the USA
    ”Radio” was a No1 Hit in Australia and was remixed as Dancefloor hit for Armand Van Helden in 2014 (as Duck Sauce).
    JC Carroll is an Film Composer who has played accordian on films for Marlon Barando, Johnny Depp Dino Di Laurentis and Julien Temple.
    The Last Studio Album “One Law” contained contributions from Members of Pink Floyd and The Jam.
    Legend of the Damned Rat Scabies spent three years as The Members Drummer.
    YouTube Stats The Members Official Channel gets over 160,000 plays a year 29% UK 16% USA 9% France 5% Canada 5% Australia 2% New Zealand